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New book about Marriage and Violence in the Bible and Today

In this post, we feature the book, Marriage, Bible, Violence: Intersections and Impacts (Routledge, 2023), which is out this week! The book is in the Routledge Focus...

The Paradox of African Pentecostal Femininity: Q&A with Tumi Mampane

The South African scholar, Tumi Mampane, recently published a new book on gender in South African Pentecostalism. Titled Pentecostal Charismatic Women: Constructions of Femininity in Alexandra...

Free Zone Scientology as a New Religion: Q&A with Aled Thomas

In this post, we feature the book, Free Zone Scientology: Contesting the Boundaries of a New Religion (Bloomsbury, 2021). The author, Dr Aled Thomas, is a...

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