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Research seminar: Religious Leaders as Agents of LGBTIQ Inclusion in East Africa

Thursday 2 March 2023, 11:30-13:00
Botany house 1:03

In this seminar, jointly hosted by the Centre for Religion and Public Life and the Leeds University Centre for African Studies, Adriaan van Klinken (Professor of Religion and African Studies) will present some of the findings of the Sexuality and Religion in East Africa project. The project focuses on the role of religious leaders as agents of progressive social change in relation to sexual diversity.

Religious leaders are often associated with the politics of homo- and transphobia in Africa and other parts of the world. However, the picture is more complex than that and more nuanced analyses are needed. This presentation discusses the emergence of efforts to engage with and understand African religious leaders as agents of LGBTIQ inclusion, specifically in East Africa. It highlights several initiatives in this field, identifies key actors involved, and outlines approaches and strategies that have been developed in Kenya and Uganda. It discusses this recent shift with reference to broader debates regarding religious leaders as agents of progressive social change, and regarding the development strategies in which such efforts are embedded. Overall, the presentation will showcase creative and dynamic strategies, tactics and networks that start to challenge dominant narratives around religion and sexuality in East Africa.

How to join

Join the seminar in person at Botany House, or write to the organiser if you'd like to join online via MS Teams.