Theological Reflections on COVID and its Aftermaths

On 22 June 2021, the Centre for Religion and Public Life, University of Leeds, held a research day about “Religious Engagement and the COVID Response”.

Please find here the recording of the panel of speakers, focused on “Theological Reflections on COVID and its Aftermaths”. Speakers below are in order of delivery.

  • Dr CL Nash (CRPL Visiting Fellow): ‘A Womanist Study of Mishpat During COVID-19’.
  • Prof Rachel Muers (University of Leeds): ‘All in This Together: Theology and Solidarity in a Time of Pandemic’.
  • Joshua House (Leeds TRS graduate, trainee RE teacher, and Theology Slam 2021 finalist): ‘Trauma and the Cross: A Pastoral Reflection for Life after Lockdowns’.

Image Credit: Caniceus @Pixabay