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Seminar with Dr Gillian Chu: #deltaδmovement: Hong Kong Christians’ Digital Communities

Thursday 15 December 2022, 11:30-13:00
Botany house 1.03

On 15th December, the Centre for Religion and Public Life is hosting a research seminar with Dr Gillian Chu (Visiting Research Fellow, University of Leeds), who will speak about

#deltaδmovement: Hong Kong Christians’ Digital Communities

Our world is constantly being reshaped as our daily lives move further online. In this day and age, how do Hong Kong Christians creatively imagine their expressions of faith? The decentralised nature of Hong Kong protests (2014-2020) has spilled over to different aspects of Hong Kong communities, such as Christian communities, where there is a shift towards decentralised Christian movements that flattens the hurdle for leading the trend. They creatively imagine a decentralised, collaborative, bottom-up, ‘priesthood of all believers’ style Protestant Christian community through a hashtag movement: #deltaδmovement. Emerging on Instagram in April 2020, it continues to be self-initiated. There have been increasing numbers of Hong Kongers moving to Britain since 2021 through the newly established British National (Overseas) visa route. With more Hong Kongers, especially younger Protestant Christians, moving to Britain, I aim to explore and critically analyse how they continue to engage with this hashtag movement and with Christian communities in Hong Kong.


You are welcome to join the seminar in person, or online via MS Teams.